Galvanized steel products are those which are either pre-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized. They have an excellent property in corrosive resistance with zinc coating feature that removes the need to apply any additional coatings such as primer or color. Compared with regular steel products, galvanized steel helps maximize efficiency and productivity, which render the construction both cost-effective and time-saving. Golden Group offers galvanized steel of shapes and sizes all sizes ranging from round pipes, round threaded pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes to steel plates.


Galvanized Purlin and Metal profile are made from galvanized steel that has an excellent property for corrosive resistance with zinc coating. Though designed to be lightweight, they are highly durable and robust, making roof structure, ceiling stud and wall stud very sturdy, practical and enduring.


Timbers are imported from continents around the world such as USA, Europe and South Africa through eclectic sourcing system in order to supply the most extensive range possible, which include Mersawa, Keruing, Agathis, Doussie and Teak, etc. Each of these timbers has their own uniqueness in terms of configuration, pattern, color and property, which are suitable for a wide variety of applications namely for structural work in roofing and decorative work in door framing or flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Tile is made from high quality materials with anti-fungal and water resistant properties. The fact that this tile is of zero formaldehyde content makes it safe and and environmental friendly to both users and their home. The tile comes in two different specs, which are ‘Click Lock’ and gluing installation option, thus allowing customers to install the tiles in a timely manner, suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Imported ceramic  tiles include both grannito and glazed tiles. We are the authorized  dealer of a wide range of tiles and sanitaryware from both Thai and international brands.

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