01 / How can I get the quotation or place an order with Golden Group?

You can get the quotation by contacting us via telephone (66)2-285-2951-9 from Mon – Fri at 8.30 -18.30 or send us an e-mail at contact@goldengroup.co.th or add us on LINE at @Goldengroup 24/7 or submit us the information in the contact box.

02 / What is the delivery service policy and what is the lead time for delivery?

Golden Group has a complete delivery service including 4-wheeled truck, 6-wheeled truck, 10-wheeled truck and trailer. We are more than happy to serve our customers from net weight of 2 tonnes up to larger volume of over 30 tonnes. Our policy is to deliver to the customers after placing the order within 3 days.

03 / Am I in the delivery area of Golden Group?

Our delivery service covers every part of Thailand while customers can also specify the logistics company they want us the co-ordinate with.

04 / Where is Golden Group warehouse and can I pick up the products by myself

In the case that customers need the products within a limited time, customers can choose to pick-up the products at our warehouse from Mon – Sat at 7.00 – 18.00. Our warehouse is located at Soi Watkae, Prasamutchade, Samutprakarn.

05 / Why are there times when the products are out of stock or not being on sale?

We work our hardest to make sure none of the products run out of stock. However, there are times when there is a surge in demand or lead-time from the production process. Nevertheless, we will provide you with the estimation time of when the products will be available in stock again.

06 / Can I exchange the products or return them?

We have an exchange policy where customers can exchange the products within 7 days (for Steel product) and 15 days (for Timber and Tile products) under our exchange conditions.

07 / What is the exchange policy and conditions?

– Customers can only exchange the same model where the issues must be from the products itself not usage
– Products to be exchanged must be Golden Group products only
– We do not accept products that have been used or installed or that issues with the products are not from the products themselves and must be in the delivered conditions to be exchanged
– Delivery service and other fees cannot be refunded
– We reserve the right to asses the condition of the exchange products, which may result in an exchange being refused
– We will contact the customers back regarding the examination results and exchange conditions
– We will only allow a refund if we do not have any products to be exchanged or substituted

08 / Types of products that we do not accept an exchange/return

1. Products that have been used or installed and the exchange/return cause is not from the damage of the product itself
2. Pre-order products, Customised or made-to-order products, Sale Products and the exchange/return cause is not from the damage of the product itself

09 / Documents required for exchange/refund process

1. Exchange/Return form
2. Tax Invoice and Receipt
3. Delivery Invoice
4. Identification Document of the exchange/return person
5. Company Certificate

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